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Robert Vena, L.Ac., MSTOM
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How Acupuncture Treatments Can Help Overcome Pain and Trauma from Personal Injuries

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Patient Testimonial

"Rob Vena is one of the best practitioners I have ever met. There is so much good to say about him.

Rob is intelligent, personable, and really knows how to tailor his sessions perfectly to each individual's needs. That might mean talking more before the acupuncture work or getting the patient right on the table if he feels that would be most beneficial. He needles largely by intuition and his gifts are tremendous indeed. In the three years I've seen him,

Rob has made an immeasurable difference in my life. He instinctively knows when it's time to encourage my growth and when to keep things consistent. Rob, a military veteran, always treats everyone with respect and dignity. He has created a very pleasant environment in his New Jersey office. His assistant is lovely as well - very helpful and kind. R

ob's wonderful, hard-working ways have won over my father, now a regular client, who can be tough to please.

Thank you, Rob, for all the good you have done for us!"

-Chris S., NJ
Acupuncture is a viable option for treating many different conditions and it is also excellent when recovering from injury. It can provide unparalleled pain relief, reduce inflammation, and promote healing of both body and mind. Anyone who has been in an accident knows that more can be injured than just your body. Personal injury accidents can leave you hurting physically and shaken up mentally and emotionally. Some individuals may even develop anxiety or feel apprehensive about returning to what they were doing at the time the accident occurred.

Depending upon the severity of the injury, you may require physical therapy or even surgery to repair the damage. Post-surgical acupuncture for personal injuries can help you heal much more quickly and can also be an excellent additional modality used in conjunction with physical therapy. Acupuncture treatments vary according to the type of injury and on the patient’s specific needs. A licensed acupuncturist will assess your individual needs and determine the ideal course of treatment for your particular case.

Acupuncture personal injury treatments can help with the following types of injuries and more:

  • Car accidents: Traffic accidents can vary from minor to severe. Even a minor accident can leave you feeling rattled and sore. Being rear-ended at a stop sign can easily cause whiplash or other painful injuries to the neck and spine. All sorts of aches and pains can arise following what at first seemed like a simple fender-bender, and oftentimes the victim may not even realize that they’ve been hurt at the time of the accident. Other accidents can leave the victim with broken bones and much more extreme injuries, such as head trauma or spinal damage. Acupuncture is a popular and effective pain remedy that is commonly used as an alternative to potentially addictive or harmful pain medications or surgeries, and it can also help to promote and accelerate the healing process.

  • Work-place injuries: Just like automobile accidents, occupational and job-related injuries can come in all shapes and sizes. Different jobs come with different potential hazards and risks. Accidents can happen to anyone, anywhere… even to people with the most mundane types of employment and to those who are overly careful. Even spending a great deal of time sitting behind a desk can have harmful health implications. Strains can occur from lifting heavy objects and slips and falls can occur too. Cuts, bumps, bruises and even broken bones can all happen in the work-place.

  • At-home accidents: The home contains more potential hazards than you may think. Just as an assortment of injuries can occur in the work-place, similar injuries can happen in and around your home. You may fail to lift a heavy box with your legs and hurt your back in the process. You might cut yourself in the kitchen or even slip and fall in the bathroom. On a cold day, you may slip and fall on an icy walkway or stairs. A personal injury acupuncturist can aid in the healing process with each of these types of injuries and help you get back to feeling like yourself again.

  • Tripping accidents: Trip and fall accidents can take place anywhere and always catch you off-guard. Like other types of personal injuries, they can also vary from very minor to more severe. You may end up with a few bumps and bruises from a trip on the sidewalk or you may wind-up with a hospital stay after tripping down a flight of stairs. Regardless, acupuncture can help with many aspects of recovery and healing.

These are just a few examples of personal injuries that you might have experienced or may experience in the future. In addition to helping with the discomfort of any injury, acupuncture also helps to relieve stress and even anxiety following an accident. You can regain your confidence and begin feeling better faster, physically and otherwise.

How Acupuncture Works To Treat Personal Injury

Acupuncture personal injury treatments are very effective for minor injuries. Acupuncture also enhances other treatment methods for more severe injuries when used together in conjunction. First and foremost, acupuncture promotes increased blood and energy flow. Enhancing blood flow allows oxygen and nutrient-rich blood to reach the sites of injury. Increased blood flow speeds up the healing process, helps to prevent infection, and decreases inflammation.

Acupuncture also causes the body to release endorphins and norepinephrine, which are natural pain-killers. Your body's built-in pain relief can be up to 200 times more effective than morphine at relieving all types of pain. This release results in fast and also long-lasting pain relief.

Sometimes, simply performing your daily exercises and activities can cause pain. Rather than becoming reliant on pain medications, you can choose acupuncture. It can even help relieve chronic pain from old injuries.

Another extremely important way that acupuncture helps the body to heal is by significantly reducing stress and anxiety. Acupuncture stimulates the release of oxytocin, promoting relaxation of the mind. Experiencing any type of accident will cause some degree of stress and/or anxiety. Acupuncture can help relieve both, helping you to feel more calm and comfortable.
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"Being injured in an accident is never a pleasant experience. Your body and your mind can both be hurt, but luckily a personal injury acupuncturist can help to get you back to feeling your best and help you to recover quickly."
-Robert Vena, NJ Acupuncturist
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Robert Vena, L.Ac., MSTOM
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Acupuncture Personal Injury Treatments in NJ
Acupuncture is a great treatment option for a variety of different types of personal injury and it doesn't come with any of the negative side-effects associated with pain medications and surgical procedures. Acupuncture helps to decrease pain and stress while also helping the body to heal more rapidly. A personal injury acupuncturist can help you to recover from injuries of varying severity and also increase your overall physical and emotional well-being.

If you have you been in a personal injury accident recently, do not hesitate to contact me to set-up an appointment today.
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