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Treating Neck Pain with Acupuncture in NJ

Robert Vena, L.Ac., MSTOM
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How Acupuncture Treatments Can Improve Neck Pain

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Patient Testimonial

"Meeting Rob Vena was the most important thing that happened to me this year and maybe in my whole middle-aged life.

Rob conquered in two sessions what was starting to look like a lifetime of lumbar and sciatic pain. He's successfully treated a range of maladies-plantar fasciitis, arthritis, psoriasis, throat and sinus conditions, and recommended changes in my diet, which have been easy to maintain and had a long lasting benefit.

He's also fun, interesting and very caring, inquiring about the health and well-being of my friends who have used his service."

-Allison S., NJ
Neck pain can be a very complicated thing that can often be a warning sign of other, more serious health issues. However, neck pain can also be due to stress or caused by certain strenuous activities that have been performed. While neck pain is often a secondary symptom, things to look for when you believe you are experiencing neck pain include:

  • Pain or pressure between the shoulders and base of the head
  • Pain when moving the head
  • A tingling sensation in the arm or hand
  • A tingling sensation at the base of the head or on top of the shoulders
  • A pulling feeling in the neck or shoulders
  • Dizziness

There are many different causes for neck pain, including disease and other health problems. Your neck pain may also be caused by stress or other daily environmental factors that may have to do with work, the way you stand, or certain activities that you perform. Neck pain may be caused by:

  • An injury
  • A medical condition
  • Incorrect sleeping positions
  • Activity that involves use of the upper body
  • Holding your neck or head in an odd or uncomfortable position
  • Resting your forehead in your hand or arm for a long period of time
  • Using a pillow that is poorly made or not suited to your sleeping habits

There are many ways to gain relief of neck pain or even eliminate it completely. And once you have determined the cause of the problem, you can move forward with treatment.

Choosing the right method for relieving neck pain is very important. Steroid injections, dangerous pharmaceuticals, and risky surgeries are just some of the methods commonly prescribed by doctors. One big problem with pharmaceuticals for neck pain is the possibility of dangerous side effects. Although they may provide some relief from neck pain, these medicines can be damaging to the liver and other body systems.
Contact Robert Vena, NJ Acupuncturist for Relief from Neck Pain
"Neck pain can be very uncomfortable no matter what the cause. Let me help you with effective, proven method acupuncture treatments for neck pain."

-Robert Vena, NJ Acupuncturist
Insurance Coverage for Acupuncture
Acupuncture Neck Pain Treatments in NJ are less invasive and harmful to the body than risky surgeries or medications.
Treating Neck Pain with Acupuncture in New Jersey
If these options do not appeal to you, finding an Acupuncturist for neck pain may be the right answer. Acupuncture can be a great option if you are looking for holistic relief of your neck pain. With acupuncture, neck pain can be relieved quickly, easily, and without any damaging side effects at all, and the results are often long lasting.

Acupuncture is a holistic therapy that does not harm other body parts while treating your neck pain, and the results are often long lasting. Relief of neck pain can be almost immediate when acupuncture is applied, and with acupuncture neck pain treatments, many patients experience immediate relief of neck pain, sometimes even before they leave the the office on their first visit.
I am an Acupuncturist for neck pain who can treat your neck pain issues without fear of dangerous side effects or other complications. Most patients find acupuncture treatments very relaxing and longer lasting than other treatments. Acupuncture is a great option for those who are not interested in medicines or surgeries to help relieve their neck pain.

Once you have decided to try acupuncture for your neck pain relief in New Jersey, call me. I am a dedicated and experienced acupuncturist who will work hard to help you feel better. Additionally, I accept insurance plans that cover acupuncture as payment. If you do not have insurance coverage, simply give us a call to discuss other payment options.

Please contact me.
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Robert Vena, L.Ac., MSTOM
214 Engle Street Suite 23
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