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Acupuncture Kidney Stone Treatments

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Treating Kidney Stones with Acupuncture in NJ

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How Acupuncture Treatments Relieve Pain from Kidney Stones

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Patient Testimonial

"I've been so impressed by what Robert Vena has been able to do for me. When my doctor told me I had kidney stones and that I would need surgery, I wasn't too sure about it. A friend told me about Robert Vena and so I contacted him.

The kidney stone treatment that was provided to me through acupuncture removed so much of the pain so that I could get through the day without wincing.

I thought the acupuncture would hurt, but he guided me through the whole process and it was amazing. He was professional and the results gave me my life back!"

-Martha, Brooklyn
Kidney stones are known as hard deposits that will form inside of the kidneys. They can vary in size and cause a considerable amount of discomfort and pain. They consist of various acid salts and minerals. They can affect the bladder and other parts of the urinary tract over time.

When it is time to pass a kidney stone, it can be very painful. Most of the time, the stones do not cause any permanent damage, though the goal is to drink as much water as possible to help the stones pass through the body quickly.

There are various types of treatment, which will depend on the size of the stones and where they are located. Western medicine will often involve medical therapy, pain relievers, and potentially surgery if the stones are large in size and are not able to be passed through the urethra.

An acupuncturist for kidney stone pain relief can also be considered, which is a trip to the Eastern side of medicine instead of the Western side. Eastern medicine explores homeopathic medicine, which involves balancing the body.

Common Symptoms of Kidney Stones

There are various symptoms for kidney stones. At first, a person may not exhibit any symptoms because they are small enough that the body does not detect them. It is only when they become larger that people begin looking at kidney stone treatments. Some of the most common symptoms include:

  • Pain during urination
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Foul-smelling or cloudy urine
  • Pain spreading to groin and lower abdomen
  • Severe pain in side and lower back between ribs

The symptoms of kidney stones can vary as the stones change in size and shift to various parts of the body. A person should consider seeking treatment once they cannot sit still, there is blood in the urine, or it is difficult to pass urine as a result of where the stone is. The pain from the kidney stones can be unbearable for some and it can be hard to sit back and do nothing.
Contact Robert Vena, NJ Acupuncturist for Pain Relief from Kidney Stones
"Kidney stones can be extremely painful. Acupuncture has been a proven and effective means of relieving pain of all kinds, and kidney stone pain relief is no different. The whole body is placed into balance so that the pain is relieved quickly."
-Robert Vena, NJ Acupuncturist
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Acupuncture Kidney Stone Treatments in NJ can help in relieving the pain of kidney stones.
Treating Kidney Stones with Acupuncture in New Jersey
Common Causes of Kidney Stones

Often, there is no single cause for the body making kidney stones and this is why a Traditional Chinese Medicine approach can be advantageous because it looks at all of the causes as a whole of the body being off balance. The kidney stones form as a result of more oxalate, uric acid or calcium in the urine. This may have to do with changes in the diet. There are also different types of kidney stones:

  • Calcium stones: Most stones are made of calcium and there are certain foods that have high levels of oxalate that can cause the stones to form.
  • Struvite stones: Form as a response of infection.

  • Uric acid stones: Caused when people don't drink enough fluid, eating too high of a protein diet, or who have gout.

  • Cystine stones: Caused as a result of a hereditary disorder for people who excrete too much of certain amino acids.

Treating Kidney Stones with Acupuncture

There is a considerable difference between going to a doctor for kidney stone treatment and an acupuncturist for kidney stone pain relief. When you visit me, I am going to talk to you about your overall level of health and lifestyle because there is likely some kind of imbalance. The more information I gather about your energy levels, stress, sleep patterns and even digestion, the more it will allow me to find out why kidney stones occurred in the first place.

I will be able to diagnose the problems that have manifested themselves as kidney stones. There may be various hormones and organs affected and it becomes not just about kidney stone treatments but providing a balance for the body.

When a pattern is identified, acupuncture needles can be used at specific trigger points to create a better flow of energy and balance the organs that have been affected. There may be specific channels, including those within the kidneys, liver, and other digestive organs.

In addition to the acupuncture kidney stone treatments, I may also recommend some specific Chinese herbal medicines. This will vary from patient to patient and help to restore the balance of the body, which can cure the digestive tract and eliminate kidney stone problems in the future. Kidney stones treatment for pain relief in NJ ultimately involves several different options.
Acupuncture has the ability to be an effective form of treatment for kidney stones and the pain that is caused as a result of having them. Many medications that are prescribed can have negative side effects and these can be avoided through the use of Traditional Chinese Medicine. While it is not always possible to experience immediate or long term results, many people have been able to seek kidney stone treatments in NJ through the use of acupuncture. It can improve your various levels of pain.

Say goodbye to the pain caused by kidney stones by learning more about kidney stones treatment for pain relief in New Jersey by contacting me for an appointment today. I will be happy to discuss any concerns you may have and address questions about the process.

Please contact me.
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