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Treating Insomnia with Acupuncture in NJ

Robert Vena, L.Ac., MSTOM
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How Acupuncture Treatments Can Improve Insomnia

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Patient Testimonial

“I was pretty stressed out and hadn’t been sleeping well. So I decided to go to Rob for an acupuncture session.

I had never had acupuncture before, and was a little worried about taking the plunge, but Rob calmed me (even before the needles went in.) Rob totally put me at ease with his soothing voice and his willingness to describe exactly what he was doing.

The New Age music playing in the background helped, too. I was worried the needles would hurt, but aside from a few tiny pricks, it was all pretty painless.

Twenty minutes later, when I got up off the table, I was really a changed woman. I felt like I had gone through a full 60-minute body massage.

The tension and stress were completely gone and I felt like I was floating in a sea of tranquility. Even the subway ride back to Brooklyn didn’t shake my sense of well being.

When my kids came home from school, they noticed the change in me and asked — in a good way — 'What’s happened to Mommy? She’s not yelling.' I had an amazing sleep that night, which helped me get into a groove and escape the cycle of insomnia I was experiencing.

I’m scheduling my next appointment, and bringing my mother with me!”

-Helene S
Insomnia comes from Latin and simply means, no sleep. It can refer to patients who have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep. It can also refer to patients who do sleep but wake up not feeling refreshed. Insomnia comes in different forms for different people. Some may experience it once a month, others a few nights a week. Most often there are periods of restful sleep before insomnia strikes again. Cases of insomnia in which the sufferer cannot sleep for months, or even years, are very rare. There are some symptoms that are common to all insomnia cases:

  • Inability To Fall Asleep - This is the most common symptom associated with insomnia. Even if the patient retires to bed at regular times each night, he/she may not be able to fall asleep. Some sufferers may have two nights in a row without sleep and still cannot fall asleep on the third night.

  • Inability To Stay Asleep - Some sufferers are able to fall asleep easily, but wake frequently during the night. Wakefulness can last just a few short minutes, or a few hours long. Regardless, the normal sleep pattern is disrupted, and this can lead to health problems.

  • Waking Up Too Early - The average adult needs between 7 and 8 hours a night of sleep. Any less than that, and they may find themselves groggy and unable to concentrate. Those suffering with insomnia may find themselves waking up early for no reason at all. They may only get 4 to 5 hours of sleep each night.

  • Feeling Sleepy During The Day - Some insomniacs are able to get a full 8 hours worth of sleep, yet wake feeling unrested. This is usually due to other problems, such as sleep apnea or restless leg syndrome (RLS). Such issues interrupt the individual’s natural sleep pattern, and he/she is unable to remain in a deep slumber. The consequence of this is that of feeling sleepy throughout the day.
Contact Robert Vena, NJ Acupuncturist for Insomnia Treatments
"Insomnia is the number one health complaint among Americans. Every person will experience insomnia at some point in their life, but some experience it long-term. I provide a safe, natural treatment to help you sleep peacefully. My insomnia treatment in NJ uses traditional acupuncture to help solve your sleep problems."
-Robert Vena, NJ Acupuncturist
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Acupuncture Insomnia Treatments in NJ can help those who suffer with having trouble falling or staying asleep.
Treatments for Insomnia and Sleep Disorders with Acupu
If insomnia is not treated, it can affect your daily life and lead to a wealth of future health problems. There are sleep aids and prescriptions available to help with insomnia, but they rarely solve the problem and only serve to mask it.

I offer proven natural insomnia treatments that can help you to sleep peacefully again. As an Acupuncturist for insomnia, I can help to relieve the stress and anxiety that may be keeping you awake at night. I will try to get to the root of the problem and find out why your body is reacting in the form of insomnia. I can help your system get back to its normal sleep pattern.

In addition, I will work to improve your overall health, without the need of medications.
Common Causes of Insomnia

When seeking insomnia remedies, it is best to seek a practitioner who will work to find the root cause of your problem. Insomnia can affect anyone, at any age, and in any walk of life. And there are many different causes of insomnia, each specific to the individual.

  • Stress - Anxiety about work, school or family life can bring on stress. This stress can keep you up at night, and you may not be able to shut down. Major life events such as divorce or death can also trigger insomnia in some.

  • Medication - There is a long list of medications that can affect the sleep cycle. Common drugs such as allergy medications or weight loss pills can often be the culprit. Many pharmaceuticals stimulate the body and keep it active well into the night, causing insomnia.

  • Depression - Many people think that depressed people sleep a lot. But surprisingly, it's only true for a few. Depressed patients may have a chemical imbalance in the brain, which can disrupt their sleep patterns.

  • Stimulants - Stimulants can include soda, coffee, nicotine, and alcohol. Each can stimulate the body, causing you to stay awake. It should be noted here, that although alcohol consumption may make a person feel sleepy, they may find that they are wide awake once that effect has worn off.

  • Improper Sleep Habits - Our bodies need a sleep routine. This means retiring to bed at the same time each night and waking up the same time each morning. In today's world, we often watch TV or cruise the internet in bed. Studies have shown that this, too, can affect our sleep patterns. Those who travel often may experience insomnia when sleeping in new places.

  • Medical Conditions - Heart disease, acid reflux, restless leg syndrome (RLS), sleep apnea, arthritis, and bladder issues are just a few conditions that can cause insomnia. It is best to see a doctor to rule out any serious medical conditions. Sometimes insomnia is a signal that something much deeper is going on within our bodies.

Treating Insomnia with Acupuncture

For many Americans, insomnia treatments are as simple as taking a pill. Take one, and sleep. Easy, right? Yet taking medications never really solves your sleeping problem. You may find yourself needing to take more and more of the medication just to get some sleep each night. Even worse, many patients develop severe addictions to sleep medications.

My insomnia treatment in New Jersey uses a natural approach. Through acupuncture treatments, I can help to alleviate the stress and anxiety that comes with insomnia. I will treat the body as a whole, look for the root cause of the problem, and not just cover it up. I will also help you work on developing proper sleep habits, which can lead to a lifetime of restful nights.
Insomnia can be a hard issue to deal with. It can be frustrating trying to sleep each night to no avail. You may find yourself slacking at work because you just simply can't concentrate. Or, you may become grumpy with your loved ones because the exhaustion is just so overwhelming.

Perhaps you've taken medications before but don't like the side effects. Perhaps you haven't taken them at all because you're just worried about addiction. Consider an Acupuncturist for insomnia. I have helped many patients overcome insomnia for good. My insomnia remedies are natural and have no bad side effects.

Please contact me for an appointment.
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