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Treating Headaches with Acupuncture in NJ

Robert Vena, L.Ac., MSTOM
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How Acupuncture Treatments Can Improve Chronic Headaches

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Patient Testimonial

"Meeting Rob Vena was the most important thing that happened to me this year and maybe in my whole middle-aged life. Rob conquered in two sessions what was starting to look like a lifetime of lumbar and sciatic pain.

He's successfully treated a range of maladies-plantar fascitis, arthritis, psoriasis, throat and sinus conditions, and recommended changes in my diet, which have been easy to maintain and had a long lasting benefit.

He's also fun, interesting and very caring, inquiring about the health and well-being of my friends who have used his service."

-Allison S., NJ
Whether frequent or occasional, headaches can have an absolutely miserable effect on our daily lives. Through years of all-natural and effective methodology, I am your number-one area Acupuncturist for headaches.

Common Symptoms of Chronic Headaches

Those who have seldom struggled with headaches might be inclined to describe a headache as a general pain in the head. And while some headaches are of such an occasional and simplistic nature, many others are hardly basic or so generally described.

Headaches can come in quite a variety of forms, with many different symptoms, levels of intensity, and ranges of frequency. People who suffer with chronic headaches experience discomfort on a regular basis, and often more than once a day.

I don't have to tell you what it might be like to go to work and enjoy family life while you are living with pain, but I can tell you that I have been very successful in helping others eliminate this from their lives. Sufferers and those in need of headache treatments might experience any number of the following.

  • Dull pain
  • Sharp pains
  • Sudden, severe, and quick-to-end headaches
  • Long-lasting headaches unaffected by over-the-counter medicines
  • Light sensitivity
  • Noise sensitivity
  • Throbbing
  • Subsequent stress to muscles of the neck
  • Inability to perform daily tasks

A headache sufferer can experience just a few, or all of these symptoms. In fact, many patients who are desperately seeking headache remedies are surprised to learn that there are more than 150 different categories of headaches. Considering this fact alone, one can begin to understand and appreciate the many different ways that headaches can present. Getting real help is where I come in.

Common Causes of Chronic Headaches

Like the many symptoms of headaches, their causes can also vary greatly, and are sometimes of vaguely understood origin. Understanding the origin of a headache is also very helpful in the effective administration of headache treatments. Let’s explore some of the most common causes of headaches.

  • Mental Stress - Although the medical community is still examining this relationship, we do know that mental stress and strain can have a direct impact on the occurrence of headaches. For some, a simple argument can be all it takes to set-off a headache. In other cases, the sufferer may notice that after a period of higher-than-usual stress levels, headaches seem to follow. Everyone is affected by psychological stress differently.

  • Environmental Stressors - Science has also confirmed that particular attributes of an environment can have an impact on headache occurrence. Did you know that in city-dwellers, headaches tend to occur more frequently and in the front areas of the head? The city life can be wonderful, but the search for headache remedies in big cities is shown to be somewhat fueled by the environment.

  • Lack of Sleep - Lack of sleep, or sleep deprivation, has long been known as an initiator of some terrible headaches, and our bodies can get quite finicky when not properly rested. The most recent breakthroughs in scientific research on the subject confirm the release of a particular protein into the brain when there is a lack of sleep. This protein then causes problems that lead to the impending headache.

  • Internal Imbalances - Your body is a complex machine comprised of an intensely deep array of systems and bio-chemistry. When there is an imbalance in these systems or the chemistry of the whole, headaches can follow. My headache remedies seek to overturn such internal misalignments.

  • Muscle Strain - Those seeking headache treatments are also surprised to learn that muscle strain and trauma can quickly incite a headache. The strain and stress felt by the neck muscles, for example, can have an almost inflammatory and aggravating effect on the chemistry of the brain and other surrounding regions. This is yet another unfair reality, but one that my methods are quite well adapted to remediating.

These are only some of the chief causes of headaches. Other causes can include genetics, brain defects, rare conditions, accidents, head trauma, and others. As an acupuncturist with experience in treatment for headaches, I am devoted to treating and preventing your headaches regardless of origin.

Treatment for Chronic Headaches with Acupuncture

I am an experienced, licensed acupuncturist. And, beyond general acupuncture, I am a specialty acupuncturist for headaches, migraines, and other similar conditions of head pain. My specialized techniques and acupuncture headache treatments can help to make your life with headaches a life without.

So, how does it work exactly?
Contact Robert Vena, NJ Acupuncturist for Headache Treatments
"Living with day-to-day chronic pain from headaches can lead to overuse of pain medications, which can lead to other health problems. Acupuncture treats your pain as a natural remedy. It is not only safe, it is a proven and effective means of pain relief."

-Robert Vena, NJ Acupuncturist
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Acupuncture Headache Treatments in NJ
Providing relief from the troubles of headaches is a true passion of mine. Not only am I a full devotee to the art, but I am also licensed, nationally certified, and a leading provider of natural headache remedies in New Jersey. You don’t have to continue suffering, and you don’t have to feel as though you’re living in a haze of pharmaceuticals and drugs. I am here for you.

Please contact me.
Treating chronic headaches with acupuncture in New Jersey
Acupuncture is just one component of the ancient art of traditional Chinese medicine. In practice, this medical art addresses a person’s points of physiological contention via focused and virtually pain-free needle insertion. As a result, a particular difficulty may be relieved or prevented.

With my specialized headache remediation approaches, I am able to manipulate specific points on the body that are related to headaches so as to not only treat, but also help prevent patterns of headaches. Oftentimes, the results are immediate – another fantastic perk to this natural approach. Each person is different however, which is why I treat each patient as an individual, never simply applying a “blanket approach.”
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Robert Vena, L.Ac., MSTOM
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