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Treating Anxiety with Acupuncture in NJ

Robert Vena, L.Ac., MSTOM
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How Acupuncture Treatments Can Improve Anxiety

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Patient Testimonial

“I can’t say enough good things about Rob Vena. He is a very patient and kind practitioner who really cares about the details – both in his patients’ lives and in his work.

He strives to create a peaceful environment for healing to take place and takes his patients’ concerns seriously. Whether that means an extra blanket on the table or purchasing a white noise machine to address some outside sounds, he’s right there with a solution.

Rob’s efforts go way beyond the acupuncture table. He is very knowledgeable and every session I come away with a new tip or idea to try and that’s usually delivered with a dose of humor. I have grown in many ways since we started working together.

One of the best things he’s done for me is to gently urge me to step out of my comfort zone and take more risks in life. It is a testament to his skill as a practitioner that his business has grown so rapidly.

That probably doesn’t surprise his clients because we know he’s the best.”

-C.S., NYC
Anxiety is a state of feeling imbalanced internally, often triggering nervous feelings, stress and even manifesting into physical symptoms on the body. Although anxiety is common among individuals of all walks of life, it can also turn into a mental disorder that can lead to asocial behavior, feelings of unreasonable fear, and constant worry about the future. Anxiety can leave us feeling out of control of our own lives.
Acupuncture can also be used for physical pain and any mental disorders you might be struggling with, including anxiety. As an Acupuncturist specializing in anxiety treatments, I have been able to help many of my patients find relief from the inner turmoil caused by this condition.

Common Symptoms

There are both emotional and physical symptoms that can manifest with anxiety. Some of the most common emotional symptoms of anxiety include feeling dreadful, tense, and irritable, and it can even lead to poor concentration. If you are feeling "doomed" or are already accepting the worst outcome in life situations, you are most likely experiencing a form of anxiety. If you feel as if your mind has gone blank, you are restless, or constantly on the lookout for signs of danger and potentially bad situations, you are most likely experiencing symptoms of anxiety.

Some of the physical signs that may manifest when you experience a more intense form of anxiety include sweating, feeling nauseous or dizzy, and having a faster heart rate than normal. It may feel as if your heart is pounding and that you are short of breath when struggling with anxiety and panic attacks. Tremors, twitches, feeling fatigued or even dealing with insomnia are also signs that can manifest with anxiety. You may also find yourself having frequent headaches and experiencing tenseness in your muscles when you have anxiety.

Knowing how to tell whether or not you are experiencing symptoms of anxiety and panic attacks is an important step that can lead you to seek out the help you need or find the anxiety treatment in NJ that is right for you.

Common Causes

Causes of anxiety vary from one patient to another, as each individual reacts differently to situations involving stress in their lives. Although the exact cause of anxiety has not been fully determined, it is often caused by changes in the brain and environmental stresses. Oftentimes, anxiety is triggered by a combination of factors that are affecting the patient's life simultaneously.

If you have recently lost your job, gone through a divorce, lost a loved one, or felt pressured in any area of your life, you may find yourself experiencing signs of anxiety or even panic attacks.

Treating Anxiety with Acupuncture

One anxiety treatment in NJ that is all-natural is acupuncture. Through the insertion of hair-thin needles into specific body points, acupuncture can help to bring the body and mind back into balance. Anxiety acupuncture treatments also help to shift the mind's perspective on handling the stress you feel. Reinforcing that acupuncture is working and allowing you to free your mind from stress actually contributes to doing so over time.
Contact Robert Vena, NJ Acupuncturist for Anxiety Treatments
"Handling anxiety can be a tricky path, but acupuncture can ultimately help to free you from feelings of stress and worry, without being required to take medications each day."

-Robert Vena, NJ Acupuncturist
Insurance Coverage for Acupuncture
Acupuncture Anxiety Treatments can improve the symptoms of anxiety.
Any individual at any age may at some time or another in their life experience anxiety. Anxiety can be triggered by trauma, a death or loss of a loved one or even the overwhelming sense of panic due to mounting bills, debt or other struggles you may be facing in your everyday life.

Anxiety can trigger panic attacks, social withdrawal, irritability, sadness and frustration depending on how it affects you personally.

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese medical practice that helps balance the body by insertion of hair-thin needles into various acupuncture points. Balancing the body helps to restore it to its natural state of being, leaving you feeling focused, mindful, and more relaxed.
If you have made the decision to seek out acupuncture anxiety treatment options, I can help you to get on the path to recovery. Living a life free of anxiety and worry is a way for you to truly make the most of your time while allowing yourself to feel happy and free. Implementing an acupuncture anxiety treatment in New Jersey can change your life altogether by helping you to rid yourself of the worries and fears that plague you.

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